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Airline Dakota, Brave New World episode

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This is the new-ish Airfix Dakota which takes a little while longer to build than the Esci and Italeri kits. I went through a few ideas of a scheme and ended up with this from the episode "Brave New World" where Ruskin acquires Able Victor and with the help of Peter Whitney and Duncan Mcevoy achieves his dream of starting his own airline. The real Dakota:


The new Airfix kit, the style of registration letters were the closest had:







Brave new world

Must just dirty it up bit though! 

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42 minutes ago, Moa said:

Very interesting choice!

I like the "relaxed" feel of it.

Here is one with the same reg:


Many years ago a fellow BMer did another:



Hi moa, it was before Ruskin had it painted. Here's one I made a few years ago, monogram 1/48:



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