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Invincible Deck Markings


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Hi Gang,

I'm making a start on the Revell 1/700 HMS Invincible. It's a lovely kit (Dragon originally I believe) but I really don't like the raised detail on the flight deck. Does anyone know of any decals to replace them, or have any tips for a 1/700 ship novice for putting the markings on?




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Hi Gareth,


If you check this website http://www.seaforces.org/marint/Royal-Navy/Aircraft-Carrier/R-05-HMS-Invincible.htm it'll give you loads of details of HMS Invincible, and when you're on the website, if you scroll well down, you'll find a complete plan of the flight deck, it also gives you 2 options of Invincible from either 1980 or just before she was scrapped in 2005


Hope it helps

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Hello Gareth,


this is a copy of the formal plan of the flight deck during the carrier's first commission in 1981. 


The markings would have been the same for the deployment to the Falklands; however, the helo circles had been removed by then. 





This plan was held in HQ1 and depicted the fire and access points for any emergencies.


A good modelling source is Phil Reeder's build on ModelWarships.






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corrected info on the helo circles.
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On 12/2/2020 at 12:23 PM, goon said:

Thanks all. Looks like I'l have to get the masking tape out!

Try Fox Model Transfers, they have coach lining white strips and rounded corner decals. I used these for my mode of Invincible.



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