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One of Heller's better 1/43 car kits, with good shape and detail, especially for the scale. It's a really cool little sports car that punches well above its weight, as well...


















It's a pretty small car in real life, and even more so in 1/43! It's just a shame no one does a nice 1/24 scale version; the closest is an Eidei/Grip kit from the early 80s, available in an Airfix box from time to time. But it's ex-motorised and tarted up with fake rally parts, so is not very appealing, even as the "only game in town".



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Lovely work Matt - especially impressive given the size.  I hadn't fully appreciated how small it is until your final pic!  I don't remember the A310 when new, but read the roadtests of its final incarnation, the A610 at the time and recall them as rating it very highly.  It's a pity that these cars are usually so overlooked (especially in the UK), including by model companies.


4 hours ago, MR2Don said:

How long before somebody produces a kit of the new A110, I wonder?

Now that is a modern car kit I would be very excited by - come on Tamiya, it would make a fab combo with the classic A110!

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