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I thought I would start a post to say I have started to build my next model. All my models are built from scratch and as before the process will start in 3ds Max.

In addition, I have tweaked the version of the T-47 Speeder I created minus the landing gear, I am currently making two Speeders to go with the Walker.


All models will be 1/55 scale which will make the Speeders 10cm long and the ATAT around 41cm tall!


As before I’ll update with some pics as I go :)

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I have gathered lots of image references for the detail but at present I am building the basic body shape before adding detail.


Basic body shape



Internal construction to give the body some rigidity due to it's size



Not much to look at yet so its not got the wow factor lol!



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On 12/1/2020 at 6:35 AM, Stephen W said:

Not much to look at yet so its not got the wow factor lol!


It certainly does! This is going to be great, i'm going to enjoy watching this come together

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A small update...



Every time I start a new model I always think have I bitten off more than I can chew!

Once I get the basics sorted it seems to just flow! 

As you can see I am working on the underside and legs before adding detail to the main body section. 

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Thank you guys, glad you are enjoying the updates :)


Had the whole day today modelling some detail so please see some finished renders of the body section, I will probably leave it a few days now !





I had to import my previously  Snowspeeders at scale to see what it looked like :) really pleased...






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Managed to get another good day in today before I have to down tools to get ready and cook the family Christmas dinner! 

Have finished adding the detail to the main body and have modelled the head and neck, just need to add the detail to these sections and then it’s painting the model in Photoshop before exporting! Really pleased how it’s coming along :)









see you on the other side and Happy Christmas everyone! 

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I have now finished the main modelling in 3d


Some parts caused me to do some thinking trying to make them look right in 3d but I am pleased with it now, A couple more stages to go over the next few weeks...


Refine the shapes and reduce vertices

Assign the pivot points for the leg joints

UV Map the shapes 

Texture the shapes in Photoshop

Unfold the model in Pepakura

Tweak the unfolded parts in Photoshop before printing

And finally make the model :)


Here are some images, as you can see it has come a long way since the first post. 



render29 - Copy


render30 - Copy


Hope you like the update and have been enjoying seeing all your models take shape too :)

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Posted (edited)

Managed to make a good start with the textures for the 3d model and have been dying to share the progress :) (around 30 hrs of work so far on the detail 🤪)


As you can see I have been concentrating on the main body sections.






Hope you like the short update. Stay safe and stay modelling!

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Another month and more modelling :) Just finished UV mapping the model in max, the next phase is to export the files to Photoshop for the skinning/texturing. Its taken a bit longer than planned as I was tinkering with some retro stuff (another one of my hobbies!)


I'll keep the pics coming so you can see things take shape.




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4 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

I'm glad you know what you're doing. I'll just sit and watch if you don't mind.

Lol sometimes I switch the computer on after a long time away and have to figure out what all the buttons do! 


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