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Model kits of Bond cars

Paul H

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A recent build on here of the reboxed Doyusha 1:24 Aston Matin DB5 got me thinking about which Bond cars are available as model kits:

  • The aforementioned Airfix / Doyusha DB5
  • A recent Fujimi Lotus Esprit S1 in both regular and submersible guise
  • Tamiya's BMW Z3 (although with the wrong wheels)
  • Tamiya also did the Aston Martin DBS specifically as the one from Casino Royale.
  • For fans of the original David Niven / Peter Sellers Casino Royale, there is Heller's Bentley Le Mans tourer, also reboxed by Revell (incidently, the Bentley in the books was a different bodystyle).
  • Revell's BMW Z8
  • For fans of OHMSS, there is the Air Trax resin DBS.
  • AMT have recently released a '71 Mustang as the one from Diamonds Are Forever as a Bond tie-in
  • AMT's Sunbeam Tiger could be tweaked into the earlier Alpine, to represent the car from Dr No.


Wasn't there also a mooted but never launched Revell full detail Aston Martin DB5?


However, the notable missing one seems to be the Aston Martin V8 Vantage from the The Living Daylights.  As a child of the '80s, this was the first Bond film that I saw, and also saw Bond return to a Q Branch edition Aston Martin for the first time since Thunderball (the DBS in OHMSS didn't appear to have any of the special features and played only a very minor role).  Oh well - I guess we can only dream...!!



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5 minutes ago, Paul H said:

Wasn't the white one at the start of For Your Eyes Only the same one from The Spy Who Loved Me, prior to it's car alarm being set off?

No. The Spy Who Loved Me was a series 1. The For Your Eyes Only car was a Series 3 Turbo Esprit.

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Last night I looked to see if there was a Renault 11 kit (View to a Kill) anywhere - not sure why as it's a rubbish car and not that iconic a Bond car. Then today I thought of Fujimi (I think) making a BMW 7-Series (I think) out of Tomorrow Never Dies - about the only film BMW got their product placement money's worth 😄 I'm sure @Alan R is in the middle of making one???

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The only 7 series kit I've seen is the Revell Premium one, which is the previous model to the Bond one.  Some of that series were reboxed Fujimi Enthusiast kits (e.g. some Porsches & Ferraris), but Revell tooled up a few of their own too (the 7 series, an 8 series & also aa Mercedes-Benz 560SEC).  As far as I know, their 7 series wasn't reboxed by anyone else, but I think that the 8 was reboxed by Tamiya.  The Bond film one is by far the best styled 7 in my opinion though - BMW really got the proportions right with that car, and they haven't got even close ever since.


Ha at the Renault 11!  Pretty sure there is a diecast one though!  However, if on the more obsure stuff, there's that ancient Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud kit which varous companies have released & which must date from when the Cloud was new given how basic it is and how it is tooled.  This could be used to represent the Silver Cloud from A View to a Kill, in which Patrick McNee's character met his end in, and was then float tested with Roger Moore inside.

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The Doyusha / Airfix DB5 has been mentioned............................But, what about the original Airfix Bond DB5 from the Sixties. It had all the goodies, ejection seat, bullet proof rear shield, rotating number plates Etc.


Way back in the Sixties my brother had a Sunbeam Alpine that he took on holiday in the West of England. His front number plate screws worked loose and the plate angled itself down. The police pulled him over, and back in those days they had a wry sense of humour. My brother was asked 'Who do you think you are then? James Bond?' pointing to the front of the car, 'Revolving number plates? to be quickly followed on by 'Don't you like Somerset lad? You seem to be in a bit of a hurry to get out of it!' After a bit of friendly banter the police officer helped my brother to re secure the plate and let him go on his way without a ticket.

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