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Roland Garros

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There is a photo of Roland Garros, standing in front of hie Morane-Saulnier L, published in Chris Ellis' book A history of combat aircraft (Optimum books, 1979), but I could not find it on the web. In the article about Morene-Saulnier type L, published in HPM magazine 1995-7, there is a colour profile of Garros' plane; again, I could not find the article on the web, but there is a colour profile of that plane on Pinterest page here:


To my eye, propeller of the type L on the photo looks black and also has manufacturer's markings on blades, but otherwise the profile corresponds well to the photo. The serial number (missing on the profile above) looks like 158.

There is another photo of this aircraft (and also one of Garros's earlier fixed machine gun modified type L) in Icare magazine special edition, Roland Garros 1888-1918. She has wide V-strut undercarriage and, unlike the earlier machine, large centerplane cutout. Cheers


P.S.: If you like, I can send you a scan of the photo. Send me a PM with your e-mail address.

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Hi Leyreynolds,


I have looked up the Morane-Saulnier L in "French Aircraft of the First World War" by Davilla & Soltan. There are several photographs of the 'L' type, but unfortunately not the one flown by Roland Garros.




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