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Wash/Cure stations, size/fit


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Hi there,

does anyone here have/use either the Elegoo or the Anycubic wash and cure stations?

I've just taken delivery of my Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K printer and I'm wondering which of the wash stations was compatible with the build plate of the Sonic. The build plate is 75 x 136 mm and has a central mounting bolt.

I know that both wash stations come with baskets to put loose parts in but as I'm predominantly going to print small stuff I'd rather leave it on the build plate for the washing process. I also rather avoid having to mess around with washing manually...


Grateful for any pointers :)




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Hya.  I have just got into 3D printing an have bought the Mars 2pro with the Mercury pro wash and cure station. I have just measured and although your printer has a slightly bigger build plate it will fit. It’s centrally mounted but I’m not sure how compatible it will be with your printer. Worth a Google. One thing I will say though is that the wash and cure is worth every Penny. My first test print was washed in tubs and cured in natural UC light. Took hours over all. With the station you’re done in minutes. You should leave the model to dry properly first though before curing but you get the gist.  
You have probably already made your decision but I thought I’d comment if you hadn’t.

 Hope this helps.



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I have an Elegoo Saturn and have used the Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus. This works with the Sonic Phrozen Mighty 4K as well as the plates are similar.


However... I moved away from that and now use a 3L ultrasonic cleaner... the print plate (both printers!) sits perfect on top of the basket :)


I then use the Wash & Cure Plus for the curing stage - one tip is to get hold of an acrylic cake stand (although ideally WITHOUT the cakes!!) - this enables you to sit the part half-way up the cure station's LED lights to get better curing...



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I have the Anycubic wash and cure (the older version, not the new bigger one.) works a charm with the mini plate.


I 3d printed (fdm) an adapter, but moved away from washing the print stuck to the bed. I remove it, pre wash the print, then drop it in the wash and go basket for cleaining.


For me its easier and I remove the initial resin that just fouls your IPA / cleaning liquid.

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