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Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang. 1/48

At Sea

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Here is my rendition of the AM kit.  

I built it mostly OOB with Eduard seat belts and some spare bits from Eduard Spitfires to add cockpit detail, I painted it using Humbrol 64 Light grey, then patchily airbrushed US Olive Drab over Light Olive to give some tonal variation.  The kit decals were mostly un-usable so I recruited some Eduard US insignia and stencils for the P-51D kit.  I then used the brilliant Mig Ammo Oil Brusher steel to highlight opening panels and Starship filth to add some exhaust and oil stains.  I kept the weathering restrained as this particular airframe had additional markings added once in theatre, so to appear like this it would have been factory fresh.



WiP here:

1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-51A Mustang 36077 - Work in Progress - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com















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7 minutes ago, SAT69 said:

Beautiful build! What's the kit like to build?

My Work in Progress is here:




It's very good for a kit from a small manufacturer in the mid 1990's.  I'd say it is on a par with the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Vb or F22/F24 Seafire 46/47.  

No real issues but the wing joint took some filler and a bit of intelligent test fitting was required.

I debated building the engine cowling or fitting each half to the fuselage sides, in the end I built and fitted it separately.


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