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SH-60 JAYHAWK Ocean Diorama .


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Hello Everyone,

My first try at making ocean waves. I use my old Hobbyboss 1/72 Sh-60 Jayhawk kit and I modify this by adding rudimentary pilots, open door and a winch wire.


The Rotating blades are made by using Clear Acrylic sheet which was masked and painted with RED White and Yellow Stripes. Black was Painted on the bottom in a fading stroke.


The waves are made using silicone rubber and Baking Soda. I put two layers and I think it did a good enough job.


The base is basic plywood and topped with foam and acrylic putty.


Paints used are acrylics through the build.


A WIP video is there . . Have a look  . .


Hope you like it . . Do let me know for your techniques and suggestions.



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Very creative use of available materials and the end result is absolutely fabulous! The appearance of the waves is very convincing! You deserve praise galore!

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