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Flt Lt John Dundas's 609 Sqn BoB Spitfire R6922 15 Sep 40 RFI

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Here's a late finisher from the BoB GB.  Unfortunately not my best build, but by rushing on the last day to meet the deadline I only pushed completion further and further back.  At the time I was taking some meds for a chest infection that gave me shakes like I've never had before, so we were painting some cracking camouflage patterns - only I was trying to paint straight lines!!!



Here she is, she didn't get the final weathering I'd planned, I may pick her up again in the coming months and give her some belly oil stains etc but it's not a job for today!














Well, that's that, I hear the siren call of the Interceptors GB drawing me in, so let's get examining the stash for something suitable.


See you on the other channel, stay safe out there.



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