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Just had a quick question.  I have heard that Eduard's 1/48 Bf 110s have some fitting problems.  Has anyone built this new limited edition kit? and if so does it still have the same fitting issues?

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I recently built one of these for the BoB GB and go into some detail in terms of what I did to alleviate, if any, problems. It is the old tool, but a recent moulding judging by the dark grey plastic. I do not expect Eduard re-tooled.



They are brilliant kits without any significant fit issues. These problems are overstated in most reviews. 


1. The wing root is a perfect fit. You just have to be careful how this is assembled. Due to the weakness of the fuselage side this may push in and create a gap. I used some self tapping screws and altered the assembly order to ensure it pulled up tight to the fuselage halves first. You need to file a small amount off the top and bottom of the wing tabs to fit into the fuselage slot.


2. The underside cannon cover plates need to be adjusted slightly and test fitted before the fuselage halves go together. I actually did so and glued into one half before putting the halves together.


3. The nacelles fit well, but you do need to dry-fit and take some material from the leading edge where they fit to go in nicely and close up and also align the underside rear fairing of the nacelle.


4. The nose cap needs some dry fit work and possibly a tiny amount of filler - in my case a little CA/talc. The usual sacrifice for having a kit that can also show its guns, which I did not.


Quoting myself from the above build:


"Bottom line, there are no fit issues. Like many kits today, there are a lot of parts all of which can conspire to give you problems. This is certainly the case when you are provided with minimal, if any, positive location devices. For example, the latest Airfix releases that build perfectly but require some real care in parts preparation and location."


I am really looking forward to building another one I enjoyed it so much. Build with confidence. Lovely.





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Well, I wouldn't have put it the same was as Ray, but the big picture interpretation is similar.  Yes, there ARE "fit issues", but with care and adjustment they can be largely eliminated.  There are also a lot of fiddly parts, but that's not necessarily a problem, just be prepared to spend some time.  My example also had a certain amount of mold mis-alignment, which was a bit of a nuisance on small parts.


Bottom line, test fit as you go, and not just "before you put glue on", but rather investigate how things will work with each other.  The sooner you know about it, the easier it is to fix/avoid.  Wing roots, nacelles, and nose were all areas that required particular attention on mine, which seems to be a recurring theme.



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