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Classic Airframes 1/48 De Havilland Sea Hornet (F.20)

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Build thread is here.


My first completed build here! Since I got back into the hobby almost ten years ago, I've slowly been building up confidence in my abilities. I'm not fully happy, but I suspect I never will be. However, each kit I build is an excuse to try something new, and maybe eventually I'll build one that I'm completely satisfied with, at which point I'll need to give it all up and try something completely different.


This one is Classic Airframes' DH Sea Hornet, built pretty much OOB, with none of the well-documented accuracy corrections applied (unless you count fixing the undercarriage angle by displaying it in flight...). We're lucky to have David A Collins on the forum, who has provided a wealth of information about an under-appreciated (except by those who flew it) aircraft.


I enjoyed the kit - I was expecting a lot more fit issues than I actually had (a relief after tackling an extremely warped and gappy old-tool Airfix Vulcan), and my main grumbles are that the airbrushed metallic finish mercilessly highlights my attempts at filling the gaps and panel lines, and I'm not sure the prop discs create an entirely convincing illusion of movement. Anyway, enough waffle: on to the photos:






If you read the build thread, you'll know that the base was the last bit I worked on...



In the RAF/RN section of the display case:


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HF stands for Hal Far, which in English means village of large rats!
HF was turned into a horrible and filthy industrial estate in the 80s. Sunday I was happy to have found the remains of the famous launching ramp, where the British disposed of their retired ww2 aircraft.... into the sea.


In fact my display picture IS an aircraft being dumped off the ramp at Hal Far! :)

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11 hours ago, Kenny J said:

Thanks for the information Adrian - I visited Malta a few years back, and really enjoyed a wander round the aircraft museum at Ta' Qali.



Having links with Hal Far & Malta, I couldn't resist buying this kit. Also I have an unbuilt C45 Expeditor with HF markings, so both kits will go well together when built!

So i just bought one from ebay. cheapest i could find was from the US. It will take over a month i sure.

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