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Hello from England

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Like many of the new joiners I have seen I am returning to my boyhood hobby after many years.  


I have been browsing the site for some time and felt minded to join following two new achievements.  My first vacform (a Type 224) and my first printed decals!


When I started again about 8 years ago I quickly realised how much less effective my fat fingers and my dodgy eysight were so I have set my bar of quality very low.  In 8 years I have made 45 kits, all Spitfire related, which my wife kindly lets me display in cabinets in our study.  I was quite good to start with, only buying new kits when I had completed one.  My unstarted stash is currently at 52!  I have realised that I am going to be about 80 by the time I am finished filling the cabinets which have room for about 130.  So from here on I will be doing groups starting with all 7 Seafires in my stash.

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