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In Combat – Future Wars #3 (A.MIG-6086)

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In Combat – Future Wars #3 (AMIG6086)

ISBN: 8432074060864

Ammo by Mig Jiménez




Whether you call them Gundams or Mechas, they’re still gigantic robots that are piloted by young and adventurous folks, battling against evil as the Earth Federation, or for the baddies under the evil Principality of Zeon banner.  Just to confuse the issue further, the model kits of these giant robots are often referred to as Gunpla, a portmanteau of the words Gundam and Plastic.


This book is the third in a series of volumes that describes and teaches modellers how to build and paint these kits, which are available in various scales and various Grades, such as Hi-Grade (HG) and Master Grade (MG), which have different levels of detail included in the box.  The book is perfect bound in a card cover, with 127 pages, and fold-over extra leaves on the cover that have a few colourful adverts printed on the same high-gloss card as the rest of the cover.  It is available in English, Spanish and French, and I think you can probably guess which language edition we’re reviewing.




The book is broken down into the following sections:


1 Combat: Armour Dougram Daniel Morcillo Page 6
2 PMX-003 The - 0 Hojoon Kim Page 22
3 The Red Comet Daniel Morcillo Page 30
4 Revenge Deja Vu Sin Don Wook Page 42
5 Warrior's Rest Lee Jaejong Page 56
6 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Ver.Ka Alfredo Mei Page 72
7 Glint Evolve - 2.0 Aaron Simons Page 88
8 ZGMF - 10A Freedom Gundam Domenico Febbo Page 106




As you can see above, the book is broken up into eight chapters, split between the modellers and their chosen model.  Judging by the end result they’re some of the best Gundam modellers around, and each one has added additional personalisations to their model to give them some individuality, rather than building them slavishly according to the instructions.  The kits are finished from relatively clean to hopelessly over-used and battle weary, with both simple and complex paint and weathering effects used, plus some great diorama bases that they break down into steps to demonstrate how easy it is, although some talent and the correct materials will also be required, but I think you knew that already.  Battle damage, small alterations to the basic models, addition of extra detail, and even water effects are broken down into manageable chunks in order to assist the modeller with taking the new on board, and refreshing the memories of those that have already come across them.






In truth the techniques could equally be applied to any genre of modelling with a little adjustment in either scale or depth of application, so it should be of use to anyone that makes models that they don’t want to look like they just came out of Corgi’s factory with a pristine paint job.




Excellent photography, instructive text, and useful captions make this a great aid to the Gundam modeller, and even the product placement isn’t too heavy-handed, with other brands mentioned where appropriate to bolster your techniques and improve your models.




Review sample courtesy of









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I forgot to mention! :doh: This book is currently on 20% discount on their site, just click the "Available Here" button for details :)

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