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Free french casualties... HELP

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Hullo friends


At nationalarchives.gov.uk its possible to download summary and records of events for RAF WW2 sqadron.

Here is a few document i cant download from france!

Did you Know the way for down lios? Did one of you have it in is computer? Did a brittish citizen is able to down load it! It will be very important for my work about Free french FAFL!


AIR81/9511 Multiple casualties: Free French Air Force Personnel, September 1940 to August 1941. C16997758


AIR81/4982 Multiple casualties: RAF Middle East Command Free French Personnel, 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4956 C16689080


AIR81/9512 Multiple Casualties: Free French Air Force Personnel; various dates and locations. C16997759


AIR81/9513 Multiple Casualties: Free French Air Force Personnel; various dates and locations. C16997760


AIR81/9514 Free French Air Force: Prisoners of war or interned during 1941. C16997761


Thanks for all.



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Only some files can be downloaded- or for that matter viewed online.  I looked at your first, and it cannot, so I assume that the same is true for the others.  Here's the "details" page for that file, and note on the right the shaded box "Ordering and Viewing Options".  You probably already saw that, but just in case....


The "best" thing to do is wait until the world gets somewhat back to normal (whatever the heck that is) and come over in person.  You can request a quote for a copy, but that may well prove expensive, since I imagine there are quite a few records and therefore quite a few "pages".



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