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Vickers Type 279 Venom

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Im looking for some drawings of the Vickers Venom. I've done a bit of a scour of t'interwebs but the best drawings that I've found so far are in my copy of Putnam's Vickers. Theres a few profiles about but they dont look to be particularly accurate. Is there a Vickers archive that I could try? Or does anyone have any other good source?



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I can't swear this aircraft is in it but I would look in the excellent book Interceptor by James Goulding (Ian Allen, 1986).  Has 1/72 drawings of most interceptors from at least the mid-30s onward.  I have been told Goulding was a draughtsman at Glosters during the war so I doubt he would have overlooked it.  Sorry, away from my references so can't check at the moment: maybe someone else can.

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37 minutes ago, Hole in the ground said:

@Seahawk thanks for the heads up on the reference, sounds like one I should have anyway! 


See here: yours for £5.49 post free: bargain! (I paid twice that  - in 1987!)




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