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1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-34 Fullback

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Hello modeler friends! Managed to finish this big Russian bird during Second-time-stay-at-home-restriction due to COVID-19 pandemic.
1/48 scale 'Fullback' from Kitty Hawk, has a great exterior details, nicely engraved rivets and panel lines as well as a piece of photo-etched fret and a set of 
Al-31 engine nozzles.
No big problem found during the build despite some minor mistakes and inaccuracies. The real problem comes with the choice of weapons. There are weapon frets as many as the part frets for the aircraft itself and more then half of the given weapons are useless. I have encountered this same problem in the previous Kitty Hawk kits like Su-22 and the Yak-130. I think they put in the same weapon set for every Russian Aircraft they produce. Even if they do, the Instructions should describe clearly which weapon to use as well as which pylon to match with. 
Some of the bombs I used are not described which pylon to use and in some cased, the attachment points has to be scratch-built. So it may be inaccurate but I tried my best to make it look good.

Decals are thick and had to use a lot of decal solutions as well.
Painted with TRANSFORM Water Based Acrylics and the color accuracy is very good.
Used a set of resin wheels from Tempmodels and the level of detail is top notch. 



NOTE: This is a re-posting of a previous thread because the Images didn't appear due to some error.


IMG_20201025_132055 copy


IMG_20201025_132719 copy


IMG_20201025_132435 copy


IMG_20201025_132244 copy


IMG_20201025_132147 copy IMG_20201024_162759 copy


IMG_20201024_162753 copy 


IMG_20201024_162546 copy


IMG_20201024_162240 copy



IMG_20201024_161527 copy




IMG_20200912_010932 copy





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Want to add more photos
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Absolutely stunning result Thant. The hyd pipes in the engine and U/C bays are a great addition and the overall extra detailing you've applied is out of this world. Absolute cracker, your skills are Masterful. :mike:



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Hi Thant, 


That is A W E S O M E!!! Brilliant modelling man! Kudos to you! I love the color modulation and weathering. Well done! 


This is very very inspiring as I am waiting for mine to arrive soon. Do you have any "heads up" for me as I heard some different opinions on Kitty Hawk kits?


Which specific hues did you use? 


Thanks in advance, 


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I like the base with the grass tufts poking through the seams as well, simple yet effective





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 I know how much effort you put in to this one as mine is about 80% done but  don’t have the mojo to get it finished off. Well done there,if anybody finishes this model I think that they need a medal.


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Nice result! Looks realistic! :clap::yes:

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Incredible work, you're attention to detail is impressive. I think I have spotted one easily fixed mistake though, should the door on the flight refuelling probe not be the other way around?


Duncan B 

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