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How to Paint Bare Metal – Solutions Book #08 (A.MIG-6521)

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How to Paint Bare Metal – Solutions Book #08 (A.MIG-6521)

ISBN: 8432074065210

AMMO of Mig Jiménez




You may already have heard of the AMMO Solution Boxes, and the Solution Books that complement them, but if not, the boxes are sets of products that can be used to complete the weathering of their chosen subject, and for those that don’t already know the techniques, the books walk you through the process step-by-step, holding your hand and supplying tips and tricks in a graphic-based context with written captions in English, Spanish, French and German.




This book, number 8 in the series, covers painting bare metal in great detail, from the base painting through various metallic shades, discolouring from heat, decals, fading, leaks, streaks and final finishing with varnishes.  The book is printed in a glossy magazine cover containing 60 pages including the covers, with full colour printing throughout and using the Academy 1:48 Mig-21MF as the example model from start to impressive finish.  After a brief introduction to the series, the first section of the book covers the various products that will be used during the second section, which are the products that are needed to complete the task, all available from AMMO as you would expect, but of course there are similar products available from other manufacturers that you might already have in your modelling arsenal.  You didn’t hear that from me though.




The second section contains a ton of advice on using the products mentioned in section 1.  There is another short introduction regarding the specific subject as mentioned above, then it launches into the painting and weathering process beginning with a note on the cockpit, then moving to the almost completed but bare Mig that is then primed and prepared for the metallic finishes.  The first steps involve the painting of the canopy with cockpit green so it will show through from the inside, then black primer to give a gloss base for the metallics that will shine that much better for that base coat.  As well as various captions, there are also a series of icons that help to guide you along, with a key at the beginning in case you can’t figure them out from the graphics.  Masking and spraying different panels to give a varied patina to the metals as per the real thing, but taking care not to go too extreme unless you can back that up with pictures.  The next few pages show the degrading and weathering of the metallics, as well as manual shading of individual panels with dirty colours to give additional visual interest.  The decals are applied before weathering begins in earnest, including splashes and streaks that are added over the washes and decals for realism.  Fading and the use of metallic pigments to vary the tones even further are also covered, which might be a new one to some modellers.




Finally, a two-page spread shows the finished model with the product images around it with arrows showing where they were used.



These books are quite wallet friendly, and if you’ve not used the techniques documented within, they’re a useful resource.  Even if you have used them before, they’re a useful quick reference, and for someone like myself with the memory of a goldfish, they’ll come in very handy indeed.


Highly recommended.




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17 hours ago, Julien said:

The irony being the MiGs were not bare metal but aluminium power suspended in clear lacquer.

There's always one, and it's always Julien :rolleyes: It's not irony either - it's aluminiumy :tease:

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32 minutes ago, Mike said:

There's always one, and it's always Julien :rolleyes: It's not irony either - it's aluminiumy :tease:

If it’s an American aircraft it’s aluminumy 


where there’s one there two :wicked:

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