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Best sd.kfz 222

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Hobby Boss are the most recent boxings of this subject, so it does stand to reason they are the best detailed.  Tamiya's kit first came out in 1975, and in 2003 added a metal barrel and some PE to make it a more 'modern' kit.  


The other option is Tristar,  which are no longer in production.  HobbyBoss did acquire this company's molds, so kit HB80149 is actually Tristar, and supposedly has the most accurate hull shape.  All the kits suffer some inaccuracies, as the 222 vehicle was produced in five  different production runs.   You can read more here, though it might not help decide which kit to purchase:





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Hi Stressy,

I have built the Tamiya offering  when the kit first came out back in the 70ies.

It is a nice kit and goes together with no drama.

I can also recommend the Bronco 221. 



Good luck with your build!

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So which would be the most appropriate kit for a 222 in Tunisia? 


I have a hankering to model one of the two 222s appropriated and used there by RAF No2 Armoured Car Company and taken to Palestine when they relocated there.  I believe they were left behind when British forces pulled out and were taken over by Haganah.  There were a couple of 222s in Israel at that time, said to be ex-Egyptian but I suspect they were the ex-RAF ones. At least one turret still survives there.

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