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Tamiya 1/35 LeClerc

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I'd suggest a google of UAE Leclerc tanks. As with the majority of modern armour I suspect there aren't any significant changes outside of a paint job, but checking images will tell you either way. Good luck, will be interested to follow if you do a WiP thread

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Here is someone that just like me that gave up on that because of the differences: https://www.onthewaymodels.com/reviews/ADVMini/advLeclercrev.htm

At the time I couldn't get enough information's but internet has grown since then so you might have better luck these days.

I also ended up with a French tank in desert colours. Later I repainted it in the standard French camouflage colours with desert colour camo net.

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Biggest difference is the engine deck and rear plate. The Leclerc EAU has a German engine so the back end is completely different from the French originals. If you can get a hold of a copy the Photosniper volume on the Leclerc is, as far as I'm aware, pretty much the only recent English language reference on the type: Amazon.com.


It does have a number of pictures of the rear end of an Emirati tank but it doesn't show what the engine deck looks like under the turret bustle. In fact I still haven't found any references whatsover that show what that area looks like. Considering the cultural penchant for extreme secrecy that is shared by all the nations in the area I doubt much will appear in the public domain officially. The best bet is hunting for images from the war in Yemen that show these tanks in action.



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