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Help with ID of uniform/unit 1917

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Hi there,


I'm normally to be found lurking around the aircraft areas, but a friend has asked me for help with an identification of a uniform from a picture found in some family papers. The photo is dated 1917 and was taken in Alexandria. My initial thoughts were cavalry/lancers or RFC, but someone else has suggested Royal Marines, saying the lapel insignia resembles the globe and anchor.




And a close up of the lapel insignia:




Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks,



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I'm not sold on it being the Royal Marines. I am certainly no authority on WW1, but the centre section looks to me like a structure not the sphere of the marines. If I were to hazard a guess based on it being a structure I would go with the Essex or Suffolk Regiment. Both regiments were in and around Alexandria at the time you have stated.





Entirely supposition on my behalf though.

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