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Wings of Pegasus Free STL - Sea Fury, Spitfire, Halifax, Phantom, P-40

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Hi all,


Wings of Pegasus who is responsible for many fantastic models has (incredibly kindly) provided huge amounts of resources (drawings and 3D files) on their website.


Spitfire Rear View Mirror



Griffon Spitfire Exhaust



P-40 Exhaust



F-4 Details and here



Halifax Exhaust



Sea Fury Landing Gear and Wheels





Sea Fury Rocket Launcher



Wings of Pegasus allows anyone to use these with the below disclaimer;


"Drawings and 3D data on this site can be freely used by anyone regardless of commercial use or personal use.
However, please let me know in the case of commercial use."


I've already downloaded a few things (including all the Sea Fury parts for my upcoming build).




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Temma-San is a gifted modeller and a talented designer.


His open view on free sharing his files was the inspiration for starting the 3D48th FB group -for quarter scale AFV modellers-. As you may guess, he is a core part of the group and since th every start we followed the same principles that, in short, are as follows: we believe in free sharing, the power of the communities and the continuous improvement of the designs. That´s why we are free sharing the CAD source files and not the .STL printable ones. WE can be wrong but That´s the best way we could think of for making this 3D thing for modellers by modellers.





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