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Hello from Lancs

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Just thought I would say hello after, I must admit, lurking for about one month being insanely jealous of the modelling skills that I have seen so far.


I have only just started modelling over the last couple of months, so I am finding the expertise and knowledge on here invaluable so far. 


Looking forward to trying to improve on the first three kits that I have built so far, Airfix Lightening, Meng King Tiger and Tamiya Elefant. I think vehicles might be my thing, if I could only master the tracks!


Anyway, thanks for letting me join 😃

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Hello Saeran...:post1: from the city by the lake Chicago. 

20 minutes ago, Saeran said:

being insanely jealous of the modelling skills that I have seen so far.

Dont be, Im sure if you asked those builders they’d  be able to tell you they're happy but the builds aren't perfect. Please feel free to ask for tips or pointers everyone is willing to share. Don't try to build to what you think the Forum wants/expects, only ever build to please yourself. I would also add don't try to do every trick on a build right away. Try a new one on each new build, you will master the skills quicker than you think and there is less chance for frustration. Come on down to the Panther Tank group build Im hosting and ask for some tips on tracks. Im sure the members would be happy to help. 




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