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Magos Logus Torvolts, Dominus Ultima of the Nyarlax Cluster Forge Worlds


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This is an Adeptus Mechanic tech priest conversion I recently completed. It is derived primarily from the Necron Canoptek Reanimator an Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus Warhammer 40,000 kits, with a few other 40k bits and bobs and some green stuff mechadendrites (robo-tentacles).


This is Magos Logus Torvolts, Dominus Ultima of the Nyarlax Cluster Forge Worlds. The Nyarlax Cluster is a group of solar systems that contain several minor Adeptus Mechanicus forge worlds. The cluster was thrown into chaos following the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum (a great tear in reality that split the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy in two). A group of hereteks, the self-styled Rad Lords of the Nyarlax Cluster, rose up in rebellion against the ruling synod of its Forge Worlds and plunged the whole cluster into war. Magos Logus Torvolts appointed themself the title of Dominus Ultima and took command over the resistance to the Rad Lords following a surprise attack that destroyed the ruling council that had previous ruled over the cluster's Forge Worlds. Under Torvolt's leadership the cluster's loyalist forces successfully held out against the Rad Lords until relieved by forces from the Indomitus Crusade.


The pollution on many Forge Worlds has effectively destroyed their biospheres. However for some reason the pollution on the Forge Worlds of the Nyarlax Cluster has mutated their flora and fauna enough to make their remaining wild areas as dangerous as death worlds. The tech priests of the Nyarlax Cluster hunt down the mutated beasts that infest their Forge Worlds as a rite of passage. Many wear the skulls they collect as badges of honour. Symbolically this represent their dominance over the weakness of the flesh.


When it comes to the Adeptus Mechanicus I have long been inspired by the aesthetics of the early artwork of them by Wil Rees and John Blanche. In particular the use of animal skull masks has stuck with me, so giving one to Torvolts was as fundamental to this little project as using a de-Necroned Canoptek Reanimator body was. Everything else evolved as I did my best to stick as many baroque techno-gubbins onto the model as I could find and fit onto it.


I have a Flickr album for this model, which contains a few more photos and full res versions of the photos above.

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3 hours ago, Homer said:

Nice model great painting well done 👏 

Thank you! I feel that I should have put more effort into painting the fiddly details than I did. While kit bashing the model together I didn't pay as much attention to how accessible various bits would be for painting than I should have. This, combined with it having a lot of details and fiddly bits meant that towards the end of painting it I was relying a bit too much on the initial metallic base coats and letting liberal applications of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade do their jobs. Thankfully they are very good at their jobs and the overall business of the model means there's plenty to look at even when the painting could be a bit better.

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On 12/1/2020 at 1:05 AM, Will Vale said:

Brilliant conversion, the "puppet body at the end of the neck" thing is really creepy and totally fits the Mechanicus aesthetic.

I figure there's a chance that Torvolts is "quick release" at the waist, so they can switch to a smaller locomotive unit when they want to move around in smaller surroundings. 🙂


Also, I recently painted up a companion for Torvolts, a "classic" late '80s Citadel Imperial Castellan robot. While other tech priests may use such robots as bodyguards, I'm not sure that this is really the case for Torvolts!




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