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ACE Models - British Army Scimitar FV107 Reconnaissance Tank - Gulf War circa 1991

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Having just completed the first of a pair of British Army "Light Tanks" in the form of my Light Tank Mk VI, here is the second AFV now also finished. A Scimitar Reconnaissance vehicle representing the type as used by the British Army in the first Gulf War. The eventual idea is to possibly mount them on a plain desert base together, showing a "two generations of British Army Desert Light Tanks", or something like that!


As I'm sure most will be aware the Scimitar was one of a group of vehicles known as the CVR(T) family, being known as FV107. The model is produced by ACE, and is a very nicely moulded AFV in 1/72. The version I used was this boxing, bought for £5 at one of the Tank Museums Model shows a couple of years back:




I added some details such as etched grill shroud over the exhaust and  some wire to form the wing mirror supports.


Paints used were Mission Models "MMP-039 British Sand Yellow Modern AFV" Acrylic for the overall sand, on an undercoat of AK black one shot primer. I find the Mission Models paint airbrushes really well with a little W&N Acrylic flow improver. A couple of lights coats of good old Klear formed a good base for weathering using artists oils thinned with white spirit.


One of the surprises in the box was a complete etch fret with a set of vehicle tracks. These have to be folded to produce an extremely lifelike representation of the tracks in this scale:




Outer surfaces when track teeth are folded inwards:




And inner surfaces showing teeth:




I heated the completed track lengths on the hob turning them black brown. This made them much more pliable. I did find them a little tricky to fit, but with perseverance, the result is very satisfying. I managed to use just the two top sections (shorter) and the two lower sections (longer), without resorting to the spare track links provided. I added the very familiar mud guards at the front and rear made from scrap brass sheet, which conveniently hide the tricky track joins! Being brass (or possibly copper?) it is very easy to produce the typical sag on the upper run, although not too much according to photos of the real thing.


IMG20201115120230 IMG20201115120223 IMG20201115120214 IMG20201115120203 IMG20201115120155 IMG20201115120148 IMG20201115120128 IMG20201115120110 IMG20201117151126 IMG20201117151101 IMG20201117151025 IMG20201117151005



The close up are quite cruel, but please remember this is very small!


IMG20201115120401 IMG20201115120346 IMG20201115120314


And finally, one showing it's real size better. Keen eyed viewers will notice this shot actually has the aerials fitted, which I'd forgotten to put on before all the above pictures were taken!





Comments welcome.


Thanks for looking.



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Very nice job Terry, cracking litle model! Great work on the tracks - I actually sold my model on after seeing those things in the box knowing just what a hash I'd make of them! Good to see that someone with more patience and skill can actually make them work!



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19 hours ago, keefr22 said:

Very nice job Terry, cracking litle model! Great work on the tracks - I actually sold my model on after seeing those things in the box knowing just what a hash I'd make of them! Good to see that someone with more patience and skill can actually make them work!



Thanks Keith. The tracks were definitely a challenge. Not sure skill is the word that best describes how I tackled them, brute force came in there somewhere!


15 hours ago, longshanks said:

My what big hands you have ....


Nice job matey




Thanks Kev! 🤣


13 hours ago, PF Naughton said:

Wow, that looks great.  I wouldn't have believed how tiny it was until I saw it in your hand.  The detail looks amazing.  😄


Thanks PF!


6 hours ago, Courageous said:

Very nice work Terry. Nice to see you building something...how's that Vosper you keep harping on about :whistle:.




Thank you Stuart. You are clearly not paying enough attention. There's another 1/72 AFV that has crept in here recently, so that's 2 more builds!


Vosper, what's a Vosper?


3 hours ago, swralph said:

Lovely little model.😀


Thank you Ralph, I appreciate that!


3 hours ago, Dads203 said:

It’s small enough in 35 scale so this is just stunning mate, very nice work :thumbsup:


Thanks. Yes it's pretty small, and I do have a 1/35 Scimitar as it happens. Looking forward to doing that one as well.


3 hours ago, Homer said:

Really nice piece of work well done 👏 


Thanks Homer.


2 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

It looks like a very nice kit, and you've turned it into a great looking model. Nice work Terry.




Thanks John. I have a few ACE kits and they are all pretty decent, just need a little careful work. Their AML-60 and AML-90 are little gems. Those are planned as a double build.


Thanks again everyone!



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13 hours ago, beefy66 said:

Ah so this is why the Vosper is not getting built  :poke:


Cracking little build that Terry  👍


Stay Safe


 Drat, I've been rumbled! Actually this, the Light Tank Mk VI, a 1/48 Meteor and a few other older shelf projects that I intend to sort out at last, are all the main reasons why the Vosper comes and goes in spurts! Thanks for the compliment on the Scimitar!


13 hours ago, robgizlu said:

Impressive tracks, impressive detail


Thanks Rob. Etched tracks in this scale are definitely more lifelike and "to scale" but that comes at a price..... FIDDLY!


11 hours ago, Saeran said:

Cracking little model! You must have amazing eyesight though!

Thanks. Actually my eyesight is less than perfect now (close up) at my age, but a large desk mounted, illuminated magnifying lamp, and a head mounted optivisor help a lot!


9 hours ago, Murdo said:

Deeply impressed!!!



Thanks Murdo, I'm deeply flattered!





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On 11/20/2020 at 6:29 PM, flashlight said:

Hi Terry, this is a very well done model! The paint job and the subtle weathering makes it look very realistic. The PE tracks also add to this effect. Great job!


Stay safe

Thanks Nick. I quite like these small scale AFV's, although I'll likely be back to 1/35 for my next AFV.



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10 hours ago, edjbartos said:

Really nice build Terry and well painted, you don’t realise how small it is until you see it in the palm of your hand, very impressive stuff.




Thanks Ed. Yes I thought it would be of interest to post that picture of it in my hand. I did similar for my Light Tank Mk VI (see link in my signature below for that one). That one is actually a tad smaller!


8 hours ago, JohnT said:

I guessed from your early post it was small but not that small!  Superb work on a tiny model. I would have gone blind trying that one. Nicely done Sir


Thanks John! I must admit on these small models, I make much use of my desk magnifying lamp, often in conjunction with an Optivisor!



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Please excuse the late reply. Fantastic build Terry, so much detail for such a tiny subject.

You mentioned using W&N Flow Improver to thin Mission Models paint, do you use it in addition to their proprietary thinner? What ratio do you use? Inquiring minds across the pond want to know!

Thanks Terry, and hope you are doing well.

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I appreciate your interest Cookie. I'm doing fine over here thank you, even better having had my first Covid vaccine in the last week!


I must confess the W&N flow improver idea came from @CedB. I tend to just put a couple of drops into the airbrush cup and mix it up a bit. No scientific ratio's I'm embarrassed to say! I've used it with Mission Models Acrylics, Tamiya and also Vallejo. It's magical stuff! Thinking about it I'd say we are talking around 10% max. I've not tried Mission Models proprietary thinner at all, maybe I should.


I had a blitz with these small scale AFV's last year, and also a larger 1/35 AMX-13. Really enjoyed the painting stage.


Hope all is good with you and thanks again for the interest.



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