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Evening BM’s, I’ve completed the port side of the aft interior tonight. I’ve also installed the clear parts, some of which do not fit very well. I had to add some stretched-sprue to the sides of them in the radio operators area as there were some gaps but hey ho, it’s an old kit. Next phase is to try and construct the frame which holds the ventral machine gun as I want be using the kit part as it’s pretty thick! Will have to do this on one side and align ready for joining the halves. I want to paint the interior before I do that so will be interesting!! Thanks for looking.




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Bit of a scratchbuilding masterclass going on here, going to follow the rest of the build with interest! 

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18 hours ago, opus999 said:

That scratch building is incredible!

Thanks, Opus... I’ll ruin it with paint soon no doubt!!

6 hours ago, TonyOD said:

Bit of a scratchbuilding masterclass going on here, going to follow the rest of the build with interest! 

Really appreciated. I’ve never had anyone call my work a masterclass!! Happy to have you onboard.

4 hours ago, Lewis95 said:

Some absolutely stunning work there buddy. 

Cheers mate, keeps me out of trouble.

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Tuesday night, model night... after the obligatory Zoom calls with the extended family 😇


Tonight I built the ventral gun mount but decided to use the original mount part after all, but added to it with the framing I’ve seen on some pictures. This can be disconnected in part to separate the halves, ready for painting.



I also added a tiny bit to the cockpit and continued mock fitting to ensure all is together. Had to do some minor adjustments but getting closer to the interior painting stage... thanks for looking.

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Hello everyone, some progress made during the week on some further detail in the aft fuselage. I noticed that with the port door open, the gondola can be seen quite well so felt I had to detail that. I also added the strange slide looking thing with control leavers at the bottom of it, can’t find out what it is but haven’t invested a huge amount of time trying to, to be honest! Anyway, it resembles of sorts several photos I’ve seen of a static display example. I’ve finally got the base black on tonight to unify, I’ll then begin colouring grey and start the detailed painting. Hope you enjoy.



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