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Are there any Truck modellers in the house?

Jon Kunac-Tabinor

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On 11/16/2020 at 7:31 PM, richellis said:

Yep, and I’ve written for truck model world lots, and did the news and some reviews for them. Think someone from guideline has called me already 

Hi Rich - thanks for replying. That would be Colin I assume. 



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Hi - yes, I build trucks now and then, all sorts, the subject and scale varies. 


I recently finished this Peterbilt 348 4x4 service truck.  The cab is from a 359 kit, and most of the rest scratchbuilt (including the hood, fenders, and service bed and so on), and some nice parts from KFS (chassis kit, front axle, and tires/wheels).  It's a recent enough build that I still like it!







This is a 1/35 KRAZ, the pile driver bed is scratch built:




This is 1/25 - I think it's the Revell suburban, converted to a beat up 4x4:




This is a Kinetic (as I recall?) 1/35 - was the Navistar MRAP converted to the recovery version - lots of modifications to the cab, scratchbuilt bed and RPG net:




Eventually I'm going to build a Peterbilt 365 6x6.  This will start with a 378 cab, and like the red one, get new fenders, hood, suspension etc - and not sure about what to put in the bed just yet.  





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