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Raspberry Ripple Basset

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Raspberry Ripple Beagle Basset from the old Airfix kit as used by the Empire Test Pilots School at Boscombe Down for many years. The kit is from the box apart from sanding the rivets off, scratchbuilt instrumentation boom and home made decals.



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9 hours ago, canberraman said:

A delightful Basset!  Looks nice in the Raspberry Ripple scheme and sanding off the rivets makes a big difference.  


Thanks for sharing




8 hours ago, cngaero said:

A beautiful Bassett in a stunning scheme. It's always been one of my favourite Airfix kits. 

Pure nostalgia. 


It is a lovely kit but does need the rivets removing as the real thing was very smooth, at least Airfix didn't go crazy with them on this one.





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