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2K12 Kub aka SA-6 "Gainful"

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Hello All,


I have been looking at all of the group builds on Britmodeller the last week or so thinking what ones can I join (I would like to join a few but I must be realistic).  My modelling time has been short of late as in August I was made redundant from my job when the 80% furlough scheme finished (yeah - funny that!) and I then started another job 3 weeks later (yes I know I was lucky there).  I have thanked my old place of employment for playing for my holiday with my redundancy money and the deposit for a new car (70 plate Nissan Juke if you must know).  I now work for the Fire Brigade in their IT deptartment - I love it there.  The work/life balance is amazing compared to my last place and I am enjoying the challenge - however it also means I am dead to the world when I get home.  So I thought I would enter the longest running/just started GB with what I am hoping will be an easy build!


As I understand it, SAM's are allowed in this GB?  With that assumption in mind I have picked out the Trumpeter SAM-6 from the stash.  I thought I would break up the aircraft models with this little beastie.




Not much to look at huh?  Onto the sprues... exciting!














I am going to go for the Polish one as that seems interesting to me for some reason.




Can anyone make heads or tails of that?   I know my record on previous GB's isn't the best, but I do have to admit I did finish the model in my last GB I joined the "model kit you built as a kid" one.  I just haven't posted any pictures of it... see below.




Those micro-missiles really do bug me.  I might look at them in a few years.


So the plan is to get a simple kit done and painted.  I do have another idea for this one, but I will need to see if the Postman is kind to me.


Kind regards,



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Welcome to the GB Dazz and great to see another SAM system in the mix :thumbsup: Sounds as if you've had a torrid time lately but glad it's all worked out well.

As for that Engrish on the box description - it made my head hurt just reading it :blink2:

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13 minutes ago, Col. said:

As for that Engrish on the box description - it made my head hurt just reading it :blink2:

Reminiscent of my early Japanese 1/700 scale warship kits - nice kits, pity about the translation. "For happy results use Mr Hobby paints" etc. Does not seem to be much better 50 years later!



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Evening everyone!


Hope this message finds you all well?


So I managed to do some work on the Gainful before Christmas, she's all primed and that is where I have had to leave it.  I unfortunately contracted Covid-19 over Christmas from my girlfriend whom caught it at work. I was doing well until two weeks ago where I went into hospital with a chest infection. Two days later I was rushed back into hospital with my blood oxygen levels being only 68%. Turns out I have managed to contract what is known as "Covid pneumonia"... This isn't fun and apparently was even more worrying because of my age (I'm only 37). I've never been so ill in all my life and worried. But I was looked after by the NHS' finest and they have sorted me out (absolute champions).


Unfortunately I'm still struggling with my breathing, so I'm going to have to quit this GB.  If I can get back to the bench I will start again but my lungs have taken an absolute pounding.


Sorry guys...


Kind regards



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Oh no Dazz that sounds terrible. I wish you the speediest of recoveries, let’s hope it’s a short term effect with the lungs. 
Lots of good wishes and empathy from here. 

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Hope you and your girlfriend make a full recovery Dazz.

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