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Tamiya Ford Ranger F-150 RC Scale 1/10

Rob K.

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I have  had this RC model since the mid 80's and it went from it's original blue box markings  to a camouflaged version. It has been on the loft for decades until I decided to refurbish it and try to make it as original as possible apart from the new front grill, new rear bumper, windshields and a new transparent RC compartment . The decals are by a Canadian company and got some spares of the internet along the way. I thought of selling it on a auction website, but now I am not so sure, although I will not race it or fit it with r/c equipment. The modern r/c stuff appears to be much more capable than this vintage Tamiya off roader. Took me ages at the time to save up for it as a teenager.

I am normally a plane builder, but thought I would share it nonetheless. Apologies beforehand for it not being a "proper" kit in the classical sense.spacer.png





















Thanks for watching.







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