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Finished T-47 Air Speeder (Snowspeeder), Paper Model

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After a number of weeks I am pleased to share my finished T-47 Snowspeeder!

I have tagged a few members that have commented through the build so you can see the finished article :) (I hope you don't mind).

@Konrad Popławski  @Pete in Lincs  @Hunter Rose  @SMD70 @moondrome @Soeren

Please see the build thread here:

The finished render in 3ds Max before exporting to Pepakura:



An some photos of the model:

Finished Model



Finished Model


Finished Model


Made from 230GSM Paper, Superglue and Bostik Glue and Nimble Fingers!


The model is 1/55 scale so approx 10cm long to match my previous builds.

Hope you like it :)


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If you fancy having a go and building it yourself I have uploaded the finished files to Flickr, I managed to compress to 4 pages and this is the version without the landing gear.


Click on the link and download the full size version on Flickr, then just expand to full size A4 and print borderless on a good inkjet printer. I have tried to layout the parts in an orderly way for you too. 










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