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Needed - a definitive guide to Spitfire marks and sub-variants

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6 hours ago, Ossington said:

I you you shouldn't answer your own posts, and I should have googled it first. John R. Beaman jnr., 1973. I've never seen as copy, though I have his 109 one.

I have it, from way back. Quite good at the time, but not a reference book. 



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On 11/15/2020 at 2:34 PM, Seahawk said:

I think somebody else on this site thought this would be a good idea maybe a couple of years back and embarked upon the task.  Not sure it ever reached fruition: think he quickly came to the conclusion that the story was more involved than he appreciated.


I did, here's the link to the chart.

Link to the discussion topic.


Green fields represent 'existing'

Black ones are 'Definitely impossible'




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