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Bitte ein Bit! F-15C, 84-019/BT, 53rd TFS, 36th TFW, Bitburg, 1987

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Another Cold War USAFE jet, the mighty air superiority fighter the F-15 Eagle. This particular aircraft was based at Bitburg during the 1980s, including stints holding fully armed 'Zulu Alert' status, waiting for the klaxon to sound ordering a scramble. Could it be swarms of MiGs, or just a lost civvie straying too close with the wrong flight plan?


Fortunately it was almost always the latter, and 84-019 is now based at Lakenheath with the 493rd FS. Here she is from those halcyon days for aircraft spotters in full 53rd TFS 'Tigers' markings.


































Built oob apart from the Eduard etched cockpit and Furball decals. It goes together quite nicely with minimum filler. Colours were Tamiya spray cans, AS-25 and AS-26.

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11 minutes ago, Pete in a shed said:

Nice F15. Is the detail round the nozzles photo etch? it looks very fine.  The whole build looks just right. Well done.:like:



Thanks Pete, no it's from the kit. Academy supply two sets of jet pipe nozzles; fixed in one piece or the ones I used that are broken down into six sets of 'petals' and about 14 of the small arms around them. 

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51 minutes ago, PhantomLover said:

Remember the BT Eagles well.. even spent a day at the fence there in the eighties.. Wonderful build! How is the academy kit?


Kind regards,



That must have been a fantastic experience at the fence! 


Thanks! I thought the Academy kit was pretty good, no major issues at all. The intakes and fairing behind the cockpit needed a bit of putty but not much at all. Nice engraved panel lines and seems an accurate enough shape to me. The only downside are the kit decals, I was going to use a few stencils from the kit but they broke up in the water. Luckily the Furball decals are absolutely superb.


I've got the Tamiya Eagle in the stash but I don't know how it compares to this one yet.

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Very nice build, I do wish kit manufacturers would stop telling builders of their F-15 kits to paint the area under the speed brake white. Its just wrong they have never been like that and alway grey rather than white.


Rant over... again very nice work Lord Riot

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Wow. Love the details in cockpit. I had the pleasure of seeing four of these take off from Newark airport in afternoon few years ago. I pulled over the NJ turnpike going north, along with other drivers. The color scheme was darker gray and these guys in a pair took off, climbed straight vertically into the clouds. Beautiful planes.

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