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Mirage III EA/EBR (72063) 1:72 ModelSvit


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Mirage III EA/EBR (72063)

1:72 ModelSvit




Sacré bleu! If you have not heard of the Mirage III where have you been? The Mirage III is one of the most recognisable aircraft to emerge from the Dassault Aviation stable in post war France. The Mirage III grew out of French government studies for a light weight all weather interceptor able to reach 18,000 meter in altitude in Six minutes and able to reach mach 1.3 in level flight. The tail less delta combined the wing with an area ruled fuselage to achieve its speed. The Mirage IIIC would remain in French service from 1961 until 1988. The E model was developed by Dassault as a multi role/strike fighter. Increased avionics for this caused the fuselage to be lengthened which also had the benefit of increasing fuel capacity.  Export orders would be received from Argentina and Brazil for these under the EA & EBR designations. 




This is the eagerly awaited new kit from Modelsvit. The kit resembles a high quality shorter run kit with fine surface details. While the parts resemble some more main stream manufactures in appearance they will no doubt need more care in the assembly. In the box we get 7 sprues of grey plastic, a clear sprue, a PE fret, masks(not shown) , and a decal sheet.. 




Construction starts in the conventional way with the cockpit. The seat is built up from 7 parts with PE belts and handles. The tub is made up from the base, rear bulkhead, two sidewalls and the area behind the cockpit. The instrument panel with its PE faces goes in, and PE is supplied for the side consoles.  The cockpit then goes into the forward fuselage a long with a nose insert which differs from the EA and EBR. The coaming then goes on in front of the instrument panel. Next a few sub assemblies need to be constructed for later. First up the engine exhaust is made up. This is a three part tube with the engine end and burner ring at the front and the inner nozzle at the rear. The main wheels and nose wheel are next. The nose wheel then being used to make up the nose gear. 




Construction then moves onto the wing, first up the wheel wells need to be fully boxed in. Holes need to be opened up for the underwing stores. The main fuselage halves can then be joined to each other and the lower wing, at the rear the engine nozzle assembly goes in along rest of the exhaust nozzle parts. At the font of this section the intakes are fitted. The front fuselage section can now be joined to the main section. The upper wings go on as well as the vertical fin. A fuselage insert goes in behind the cockpit, and underneath the rear ventral strake is fitted. At the rear of the main wing the separate flaps and flap tracks are fitted. Here there are parts for  dropped or straight flaps.






The main wheels can be fitted to their gear legs, and these can be fitted, along with the noise wheel at the front. For under wing/fuselage stores a single Matra R530, 2 Marta R550s, 2 RP-30 1700L tanks, and 2 RP -18R 500L tanks are supplied. These and the appropriate pylons can be fitted. Finishing touches are fitting the gear doors, canopy (both a one part closed, and multi part open options are provided), lastly some aerials and strakes and front canards are fitted (where appropriate). 







There are 6 schemes provided in the kit; the decals are well printed by Decograf with no obvious flaws. From the box you can build; 


  1. Mirage IIIEA 1-003 1st Sqn, 8 Air Group, Argentine Air Force. 1985
  2. Mirage IIIEA 1-008 2nd Sqn, 6 Air Group. Argentine Air Force 2000
  3. Mirage IIIEA 1-014 1st Sqn, 8 Air Group. Argentine Air Force 1982 With Falklands War markings
  4. Mirage IIIEBR 4912 1st Air Defense Wing. Brazilian Air Force 1975
  5. Mirage IIIEBR 4917 1st Air Defense Group, Brazilian Air Force 1981
  6. Mirage IIIEBR 4924 1st Air Defense Group, Brazilian Air Force 1985





It is good to see a decent model of the Mirage IIIE available in 1.72, this should build up to make an eye catching model if care is taken with the build. Highly recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of


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