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Couldn't win any prizes at a model show in Brisbane so made this little fella in about 5 weeks, just slammed it together from a drawing that was printed in the English magazine called Model Engineer.

It's made to a weird size, as when I attempted to make it in 25th scale, the wheel would not fit in the Unimat 3 lathe I have, so just made it the same size as the drawing in Model Engineer.


Duly entered it in the comp late on the Friday evening, when very few persons were around and came back Sunday afternoon to see that it had taken out a prize in the Scratchbuilt section, wow, eh.

Waited around for the prizes to be handed out and when my turn came around, well --- the look on some of the organizers faces was priceless, I'd had a bit of a feud with a couple of these jerkers and they reckoned that the stuff I made was useless.


Why, you should ask, well -------------  I was told that a truck does not shoot, so that sort of model,  ----------- is just plain $ hit.


Anyway it's made from a timber called Tasmanian Myrtle, clear lacquered and with polished brass.


Have a look and see what you think  of it  ---------------
























Any questions or comments are welcome.

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 Beautiful work!
There are very few muzzle-loading cannons on this site and often thought about trying to rectify that. Haven’t had the courage yet.


I’ve done a bit of comp judging & have often noticed how oddly some competition judge’s minds work. Sometimes comp judges get a bit tied up with their own agenda - which is a shame. Just look for outstanding models with outstanding impact &/or outstanding skill and you can’t go too far wrong. The subject matter is irrelevant.


Nice to see you had a win.





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20 hours ago, radish1us said:

I was told that a truck does not shoot, so that sort of model,  ----------- is just plain $ hit.

That is just plain $ hit. Any model should be judged on how well it captures the essence of the subject matter, not what the original subject is. For my part, I think that is a beautiful wee cannon, very much worthy of your prize, the execution is superb.


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