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New Challenger 2 experimental camouflage

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I think the main question here is why go to all those lengths to paint such a complex scheme but leave all of the wheels a uniform dark colour. I would have thought - given the pattern and colours chosen on the hull - it preferable  to have at least had a couple of tan wheels, a few lighter green wheels and just a couple of dark ones. I can’t imagine that being much extra work and would go some distance toward reducing the ‘big black hole under the tank’ that’s currently present.





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The Chally looks quite different out in the wild in natural light rather than in the shed under bright lights.  Actually works quite well in the woodland sertting.


Barracuda in different colours is something that has been being looked-at for a while.  But then you need lots of sets in different colours in store and it may not be durable.


Did anyone else notice the sensor pod and mast in the back of the Jackal?  We were talking about doing that back in 2014.  New lookers as well as a new look..........

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On 11/13/2020 at 12:02 PM, pigsty said:

Very appealing colours, but what is this obsession with pixellated camouflage?  At any distance you can't see that it's made of rectangles.

That's the point. At a distance the rough edges between the colors blend together creating a gradient of color without using hundreds of paints.


Like how this picture at a distance looks like it's made of various greys but is actually made of only white and black:




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