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1/48 B25d Mitch The Witch - Italeri

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Good evening everyone.


Its been a little while since I finished a model or at least posted one onto here. But here it is.

I've had this kit for over three years now sat waiting for me to build it but its always been left for another model as generally i'd never been a huge fan of olive drab models. I loved the box art, which was my main reason for buying it initially and after watching the Mini Series Catch 22 I knew I wanted to build it before the end of the year. My other reason was that I thought it would give me a good chance to use the chipping medium I had just bought.


I feel like the model build went pretty well, being an Italeri kit I really thought i'd be fighting with a lot of parts to get a decent fit, but I made sure to do a lot of pre fitting and carefully filling the parts where the fit was still pretty bad to save myself more work than I needed to and to get a nicer overall finish. I think for the past models I have built, this has been my issue; not pre fitting and secondly not filling gaps in a clever way as usually i'd just slap a load of filler on and sand it back. As this was a bit of a learning curve, I spent a while doing these parts to make sure it would pay off. The only parts I neglected to pre fit were the clear parts, specifically the canopy, nose section and landing lights on the wings which didn't fit so well. 


Another reason I enjoyed building the kit so much was that I think I have found a good balance for kits such as this one where they are fairly cheap and easy to get hold of (I guess its different when they are either expensive kits or rare as I would take more time to get the little things to the best finish I could) and therefore wasn't too fussed if there was a little bit wrong here or there. I think, personally for me, I spend too much time overthinking things with the kits and trying to make them as accurate as possible within my skill set. This is why the landing lights might jut out a bit and the tally decal had to be cut making it inaccurate. 


I managed to snap the delecate nose wheel gear so purchased some SAC gears, which were nice but I wasnt sure they were worth the £17 I paid for them. I also bought a set of quickboost gun barrels as the kit ones were really lacking, I think this made a good addition to the model. 


Lastly. there seemed to be a bit of a debate on the colour of the front of the engine cowling, some said it should be drab, some said yellow, as well as white and red. I chose red as I thought it fitted the best to the model and I love seeing a bit of colour on an otherwise dull paint scheme. 



So overall im happy with the end result, it was a really enjoyable and relaxing build. Hopefully it'll get me in the mood to build my Eduard Spit with all the trimmings.


Hope you all enjoy. Also let me know what you think about the red engine cowl!








20201112_193021 20201112_192539 20201112_192433 20201112_192422 20201112_192352 20201112_192455


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Let me be the first to congratulate you on a spectacular build!  This is the older Accurate Miniatures kit, which is probably why you did not have to fight it (I think this is still the best B-25 in 1/48).  The masking of the glass looks absolutely perfect and the weathering is right on the money for me, not to much and not to little, just right.  Thanks for posting

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That's really nice, a good balance between a really crisp, neat paintjob and some wear and tear. 


No worries about the Italeri rep, it's the Accurate Miniatures kit which is very, very good for its age. Just about to start the Monogram version, so thanks for the inspiration 😊👍

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You mentioned in your first post that you're not sure if the SAC metal legs were worth it (at £17). I guess that's very much a matter of personal opinion. I have bought a fair few SAC sets myself and, after a while, came to the conclusion that they are made out of the wrong material. I have also bought some brass legs from Aerocraft recently and they feel like they are three times stronger than the white-metal versions. Having said that, the selection from Aerocraft is much smaller than SAC's, so in many ways this is an academic exercise. 


Thanks for sharing your Mitchell with us. She's a great tribute to your building and painting skills.





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