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D-Day Battlefront 1:76 Airfix

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D-Day Battlefront

1:76 Airfix




Airfix is know for putting these play sets together from existing kits and sets in their catalog. This D-Day Battle front set is no exception.  This set brings together the Sherman M4 Mk.1, Tiger Tank, WWII British Paratroops, WWII German Infantry, Forward Command Post Building; all to go onto a vacform base. Also included in the box are a couple of tubes of glue, some small pots of paint and a couple of paint brushes. 



The M4 Sherman

Airfix's kit has been around since 1961. Although basic it captures the look of the sherman quite well. Decals are supplied for one US Army Tank. 







The Tiger Tank

Airfix's kit has been around since 1964, this is a slightly more involved kit tank the Sherman due to the interleaved road wheels and the multi part turret. 






The Forward Command Post

Airfix's kit has been around since 1975. The original base for this is not supplied here due to the new larger bas 







The Base

Airfix have done a base for the whole set in this box The quality of the base is quite good, even though this sample seems to have a bit missing from one edge, it does not really affect the main surface.




WWII British Paratroops 

Airfix's set of these goes back to the 1970s and they are of the vinyl toy type. The moulding is a little soft on them with some of the details getting lost. 




WWII German Infantry

Like the British Paratroops I suspect these figures date back to the 70s as they are of the same  vinyl toy type. They have not fared as well as the Paras as there is a good deal of flash on these figures.





No doubt these sets make money for Airfix I feel this has been somewhat thrown together maybe to make some Christmas sales.  The figures are not great with no instructions about them in the box, they were not even packaged up just put in the box without even being bagged. 




Review sample courtesy of 

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