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1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E4 - a real surprise

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Hi, very nice , But, how about selling issue :

I paid for 5 Bf-109E4 in  3 DECEMBER 2020 and some other kits. All other kits of my order was delivered, everything but new Bf-109E4 in 1/72. We agreed via email, that they will be send in the end of January . Many emails sine then. Nothing. They (orders@specialhobby.eu ) stop answering to my email.  In 23th February I get an incredible mail "our order OP2006035 is complete and will be dispatched as soon as possible.".I was happy. After 2 week of nothing, I start again email them again. NOTHING UNTIL NOW. What can I do? My order detail are OP2006035,Billing Address: Nicu Romica, Brasov. Romaia EU.

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