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Dragon 1/35 M60 Patton

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Hey all,


Here's my M60 Patton from Dragon. I picked this kit up from TANKFEST 2017, i think? It was a few years back now...

I built the kit straight away and quite nearly finished it but the DS Tracks drove me off, so it sat in a dark corner of my desk for a few years... Until now! I got sick of looking at it so I took a deep breath and painted up the tracks, (:hypnotised:) and fitted them, then went ahead and plugged a few antennae in. 

The kits out of the box with all of its beautiful inaccuracies, such as the oversized DS Mantlet. The guard infront of the machine gun cupola was way overize too but I convieniently 'lost' that part so instead this vehicles backstory is that it had a bit of an argument with a tree somewhere in Germany...

I painted her using Tamiya acrylics, namely XF-62 Olive Drab, which is ordinarily a bit dark for me but seems to work well on 50s/60s US armour (or should that be armor? 😂). 

Weathering was achieved through various uses of oil paints thinned to be used as washes or dot filters. I also used some airbrush effects on the exhaust. 


Finally, just to add, the less said about the stowage rack at the back, the better. It was incredibly flashy and fragile so as you can imagine cleanup was complicated to say the least. In the end I gave up and milliput came to the rescue and I created some 'canvas' covers which hid a lot of the absymal basket. Additional stowage was from Tamiya.
















Thanks for looking! Also, apologies for the questionable lighting, I've recently invested in new photobox and I'm still finessing the lighting kit supplied.



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