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Borat's very nice MiG - Completed!!


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Ok another big day of work….and yes I’m keeping on this build….for now.


I’m still loving this model, but boy you really need to be pin point accurate if you want every time to fit trouble free and with no filler…..either that or I’ve stuffed up big time!


Right time to assemble the rear fuselage section.


The engine fitted without any dramas…though they don’t mention whether the engines or intake ducting is meant to be fitted first!




Out of the box and without any tiding up the ducts won’t fit….or not with out some effort! You’re after what’s on the right, but initially you’ll get the left hand side.




To get a nice fit you need to make sure the outsides of the intake ducts are dead smooth, plus the frame they sit in is nice and clean without any mould lines in the spots shown. It won’t hurt if you go overboard a wee bit here, but do lots of test fitting.




All going right you’ll end up with joins like this, everything fits nice and easy.






Now the fun bit…..fitting the top section of the fuselage!


Before you go any further, you’ll need to add some protection to the wing tip static wicks, either you’re guaranteed to break them off!




OK, lot of test fitting is key here. For me……either I’ve stuffed up somewhere or there is a slight fit issue here (I think a bit of both!). With everything tapped together I still had some tiny gaps as shown here, on both sides.




I think the issues was a result of how I glued the wing frame to the upper fuselage, I did notice there were some gaps here and there. But didn’t think anything of it. But I now think you need to ensure this frame is glued and clamped to the upper fuselage without ANY gaps!  I hit these areas with the sander as well as clipping some of the tabs on the engines…..they’re not needed.






A bit of clamping was required….




……. but the results were worth it, the joins when cleaned are just about impossible to see.






Again no filler. these rear joins I may fill with sprue if I drop the flaps, else they're hides when the flaps are up.


Next were the rudder units, strangely I needed to do some thinning of this part only on one side to get the unit to fit nicely.




Now I has a wee dilemma, Spoilers/Flaps Down or Up?


On the ground they’re always up (plus this would hide the only problem join on the model so far….the one behind the wing), they also give you the option to position the elevators…. flat or in a position you’ll never see them, leading edge down (at rest they’re either flat or drooped back, leading edge up).






In between this I started on the ejection seats….




…... and colour correcting the interior colour…..now that was a waste of time and paint. First I tried to mix the colour…didn’t even get close. Next I tried using some Ammo Mig paint I had of this colour, what a disaster! I thinned it right down, but still had to run the airbrush at triple the pressure I normally use as it kept clogging the nozzle or drying too quick I eventually got a nice coat down. Then did a wash……. and it came off as soon as I tried to remove the wash. I really hate this paint  :fuyou_2: , I know there are people that swear by it, I like to do super low-pressure painting with low flow…… Tamiya/Gunze/MRP work perfectly. I’m going to give away my entire selection of it, 50 something odd bottles at my next club meet….…. I was going to just throw it away! 




I may get the cockpit completed tomorrow….will see.


 Again I really do like this model and can see myself getting another one… but boy you do need to be super tidy with how you glue/joins things together, as she’s not that forgiving if you’re going for a filler free build. Using a wee bit of filler…..then you could have her together in a matter of hours with a respectable final surface ready for painting.


I know major painting won’t be happening soon as the grey I need is still unavailable, MRP Traffic Grey, for MiG-31’s. With such amazing surface detailing on her I really don’t want to lose any of it using a thicker paint.


“My moustache still tastes of your testes!”

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  • trickyrich changed the title to Borat's very nice MiG - high five! - 24/11 update

Nice work there Rich. This is rapidly turning into a reference thread for anyone building this kit (i.e. me if I can get hold of one) in the future :thumbsup:

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8 hours ago, Col. said:

Nice work there Rich. This is rapidly turning into a reference thread for anyone building this kit (i.e. me if I can get hold of one) in the future :thumbsup:


I seriously recommended this model, it's great to build...makes you think a wee bit, the attention to detail, gosh it's amazing!!


Just a pity they cost so much.....that said I can see the BS/BSM version gracing the stash in the not too distant future! :D

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WOW. :analintruder:

Stunning work Rich. 

I built this when it was first released, and I think I had the same problems getting the fuselage together as you've shown here. 

I bought the kit just because I wanted to build it, instead of having an interest in the aircraft it self. 

But I liked it so much that I actually have two more in the stash now. :mental:



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Great work Rich, you're knocking this one into shape very quickly indeed.

Pointing out the (very few) pitfalls there are in the kit and showing how to deal with them is really useful for anyone who either has or is looking at getting this kit is very useful so a big thank you for that.

Make sure you buy plenty of paint as these are big buggers, I remember how long it took to paint my 1/48 ICM Mig-25!

Keep up the excellent work mate.


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13 hours ago, At Sea said:

Lovely work on a brilliant kit!


Must resist!


trust me it's not worth resisting, she's a super fine model that really will reward good work!! You'll love it! 


....resistance is futile ...........it's probably only one click away!!!!  :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok back on to this build…..well for one further day before I head off to work for a couple of weeks.


Well a bit has happened since the last update, the Poll is over, filled he stash up even further and I’ve just become a Granddad! Not too sure about the last one :unsure:   ….way too young to be a Granddad! 


Ok not a lot to show…namely because I forgot to take photos :doh:   , was getting too carried away with the build! 


The intakes are on (these are what I forgot to take photos of), as per previously mentioned the RHS one went on without issues, the LHS……there are gaps and it’ probably all my fault. Stretched sprue was used to fix them, have tidied them up, but will give it 24hrs to cure properly.


I ended up having to use a wee bit of filler in places, again it’s probably my fault….but this model is a wee bit unforgiving if you don’t fit bits exactly where they’re meant to go.



The cockpit is now pretty well done. The new 3D decals have been added to each seat, this time I used some special PVA glue on them, worked a treat. They do look quite good I think. I really do like these Quinta Studio interiors, can see myself buying quite a few more.




Ok another tricky bit I found with the instructions when I comes to fitting the rear seat. The instructions ask you to fit both seats with their bulkheads fitted first before fitting into the cockpit tub.




If you do this, you end up with this, the front of the seat is hard up against the control stick mount, and the back hard up against the fuselage! There’s no way the rear seat is going to click into place without breaking something!!




So the easy way to do it is, fit the rear bulkhead separately, then cut off the bottom locating pin on the rear of the injector seat, then fit the seat. It’ll then click in place and sit perfectly.




Gosh the cockpit looks amazing, it has to be one of the best-looking cockpits I’ve built…… and it’s all those cockpit 3D decals, a shame though I could match the colours!




Even with the canopy closed you can still see all the details.




Got the weapons loadout all sorted, plus I’ve decided to build her with slats & flaps up. On the ground they are always up, the elevators will have a slight droop and the lower intake doors will be open too.




Tomorrow I’ll finish up clearing everything up ready for painting.


I’m going to be trying AK Interactive's Real Colors lacquer on her for the main colour, I just can’t get my usual MRP paint. Seeing she’s the single grey all over I’ll spend lots of time per-shading etc, to help break up the flatness on a single colour. Plus these aircraft were kept pretty clean when compared to their Russian cousin’s.

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  • trickyrich changed the title to Borat's very nice MiG - high five! - 06/12 update



Those interior decals......well i don't quite know what else to call them are super nice and fairly easy to use. They almost feel like they are made of a some sort of vinyl material......I suspect they'll melt if if normal liquid glue comes in contact with them 


You first dip them in water, just for a couple of secs, then they slide straight off. You do ned to carefully dry the back of them...and they will sort of stick to whatever you use to dry them. Not hard and fast luckily.


Then I have now found, use some good quality PVA glue to "glue" them in place. Just a very light smear is all that is required them let cure. I originally used some Tamiya acrylic gloss clear, it sort of works, but the PVA is the best.


These decals are quite flexible and can be moved around a bit but you do need to be a wee bit careful as they can break.


Even the tiny control hands actually do go on quite easily and the PVA seems to hold them in place. 


My only wish is that they colour matched paint you can buy, other than that I can't recommend them highly enough!! :thumbsup: God it's made doing cockpits sooo much easier! :D

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Really amazing cockpit. Must say that this new technology of the 3D decals is definitively a game changer.


I would even venture to say that would render the etched instrument panels kind of obsolete... (IMHO).


Even Eduard is getting into the 3D decals with the their new SPACE line... 


Anyway, divagating too much. Your model is looking really good. Keep it up and please, keep posting your progress. 

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I'm finally catching up with this one Rich. 

I'm really impressed by the effort you to in order to get a perfect fit :thumbsup2:.  It's all too easy to just reach for the filler.

My congrats too, on becoming a Grandad!




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  • trickyrich changed the title to Borat's very nice MiG - Completed!!

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