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Tamiya 1/48 Fi 156C-1 Royal Yugoslav Air Force

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As the WWII approached, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia tried to modernize the army, including the aviation. It did not have a modern plane for various purposes (transport of post, couriers, officers, wounded, reconnaissance), they decided to buy Fi 156C-1. During the winter of 1939/40, a total of 20 planes arrived (some sources state 22) Ev. No. 801 - 820. Allegedly, a license for the production of 50 copies was also purchased. However, that was at the beginning of 1941, so there was nothing of it.

Those 20 that they managed to procure served in the Army Air Force, as part of the air reconnaissance groups. Each army was given one group, whose task was to conduct reconnaissance for the army headquarters, provide direct support on the battlefield, cooperate with the Armed Forces, for close reconnaissance, flying for command purposes, correction of artillery fire. These tasks were mostly performed by obsolete aircraft Brege 19 and Potez 25, but each group was assigned one Fi 156. As they were not armed, they used them for courier transport, light transport, close reconnaissance and for pilot training.


It has been some time since I finished this model. Typical Tamiya kit, great engineering and fitting, trouble free build.

I used MRP paints and Lift Here decals.

I managed to lose the headlight that goes under the left wing, now I am looking for a part that would replace it. I set the national markings wrong, I was guided by the instructions from LH, but I noticed late in the photos that they needed to be moved one more rib inwards - towards the fuselage. Otherwise, the markings respond excellent to the decal solutions and conform great. But for all this it is a little late. I don't have a replacement set of decals for the Storch.





There are still antennas to be stretched, but I am in doubt, as the books available to me show different arrangements. It seems that the Storchs in Yugoslavia had an earlier arrangement of the antena wires, not a single one as C-1 usually had, If anyone can shed a little light on this, I would be grateful.



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Excellent Storch! And don't worry about the national markings – there are only three experts in the world who can identify that miniscule error, and nobody knows who those three are.


Splendid modelling.


Kind regards,



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