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Hi everyone,


Here are the final photos of the IL2 Tamiya, a super nice model to assemble and which allows you to quickly go to painting.
For the patina it's traditional, from aluminum to foam pads and watercolor pencil, earth pigments for walking areas and trains. The exhaust traces are made with a first pass of a brown / black mixture, a trace of beige in the middle and dark brown on the edges. Antenna cables in elastic wire glued to the cyano and canopy in vac form from Rob Taurus history that everything remains visible.
I finally replaced all the barrels with Albion Alloy metal tubes, they are painted black and brushed with gun metal pigments like the rear machine gun.

You can found the WIP here:
























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Very nice build and paintwork with superb weathering! :thumbsup:


Tamiya's Il-2 is really a great kit, but even Tamiya did not avoid a common mistake by placing the shell ejection holes centrally symmetrically relative to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. Vya-23 guns had not option of left or right side ammo feed. One can see the real placement of them on the photo below.



The only 1/72nd Il-2 kits I am aware of where this feature is properly rendered are those from Academy.


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Excellent model. Very realistic paint and subtle weathering. I love the markings too.


But maybe a bit too clean underneath, judging by Val's photo!

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Thank you all for your reply and vall for the photo.

I know the shell ejection problem but for this build the first idea was just to try the quinta studio products nad take pleasure  with the paints.

So i don't catch up this problem, i'm sorry, and then it is below:)

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12 hours ago, docjojo said:

So i don't catch up this problem, i'm sorry, and then it is below:)

This mistake is reproduced on almost all widely spread drawings. And it did not affect the very nice impression of your great work.

And I suppose that Tamiya's researchers were just a bit lazy studying the Il-2. ;)

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