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Korean War, tribute to General "Chappie" James F-51D

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Hello Dears,

Here we go in the Korean peninsula ... Yes... Once more !!

Then, it's the 3rd Mustang out from my Pony's lunacy...


If one had an intrerest in the deeds of the Tuskegee Airmen, or in the Career of Col Robin Olds...

There's a common point in these two stories...The common point is named Daniel James Jr !!

The man has been fully trained as a fighter pilot but war in Europe came to an halt just before he reached the front...

Then, he participated in the Korean War, in 12th FBS, 18th FBG, flying the Mustang in a jet war !!

I will not tell the whole story here since I still have some Chappie's build to do...

One thing to keep in mind is that, Daniel James finished his carrer in the Air Force as a 4 star General, commanding the NORAD !


IMG_20201107_155106 IMG_20201107_155151

I spent a lot of time searching for the right serial but to no avail..

So, best educated guess has been the path I followed up.

Since pics of Chappie's bird are rare...

Here's one !!


Of course, I altered the so nice Tamiya's sharmouth !!

And in showing the pic of the real thing... the one who always complain about overdone weathering have a right answer...

In fact, I stayed restrained :rofl2:

IMG_20201107_155054 IMG_20201107_155206

Paints are Alclad and Xtracrylics, armament came from the box,

Napalm bombs were made from War weary fuel tanks !


I can't resist a Pony family pic !


Well Gents, comments are welcome as usual !! Banter are mandatory !!

Have a nice modelling sunday !!


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What do you think ??

Only one batch of pics from CC ??

Nooo !! I got more for you..

Here's my Korean war serie so far !!

IMG_20201107_155838 IMG_20201107_155826

I say so far...

'cause the next one is almost done...

Well @Biggles87 please feel free to show your F-51 on here, And if one of you Guys know how to use Photoshop properly...

Feel free to put the 2 F-51 side by side with a suitable background !!

I'll try it but, I'm far from a PC wizzard...

And here's an incentive for our friend @The Spadgent



And still I have some other grinning aircraft...

Look how one can be affected....:rofl2:

Whatever !! Thank for the support, the infos and friendship here on BM !!

It's up to you now !! 




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Nicely done!  Very impressive collection, too.  Your work honors Gen. James very nicely!  One can't even imagine the challenges he faced in a highly segregated military. Even Truman's 1948 executive order was not for "immediate" effect, but over a transitional period.

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2 hours ago, SAT69 said:

Very well done! 1/48 Tamiya Mustang?

Hello Sat,

Thank you !

Yes, it's a part of my Mustang thread. This one is the Tamiya one, 112th Sqdn is a ICM kit.

The Eduard one is still on the bench, with 3 other Mustang, I'll add a 4th one to see how's the Airfix one .


2 hours ago, Kentavros76 said:

You managed to add a fantastic model to your Korean War series, the P/F-51 series and the Sharkmouth series at the same time!!!;)

Beautiful work!!!

Thank you Sir !

One of my Sharkmouthed kit is missing on the Pic

It's A Seafire used in Mediterannea.


2 hours ago, swralph said:

Very nice collection.😀


Thanks Ralph !!

Glad that I'm not alone in being mentally ill !!


1 hour ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

Nicely done!  Very impressive collection, too.  Your work honors Gen. James very nicely!  One can't even imagine the challenges he faced in a highly segregated military. Even Truman's 1948 executive order was not for "immediate" effect, but over a transitional period.

Thank you Kenny !

Yes, these guys were highly motivated !! and they did a great job.

Far better and far more usefull that the today's "activists"

Truman's 1948 executive order is alas still ignored by some...

The Airfix Mustang will be a "Red tail Angel" and I have some other aircraft flown by Chappie.

One of my favourite one is labelled "Black man and Robin" 

It depict the then Col James with the then Colonel Olds clowning in the tub of a F-4


Thank you all for the kind words !!


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12 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Another great build Cousin. :clap2:


Thanks Cousin,

This one has been relatively straightforward...

Getting Tamiya and ICM at the same detail level than the Eduard one was finally funny !!


11 hours ago, TheRealMrEd said:

Good show!



Thank you Mr Ed !!

I feel honoured.


9 hours ago, Dunny said:

Lovely Mustang and lovely collections CC! The sharkmouth collection is missing one though 😉

Ho !! You see that ??

Yup, The MTO Seafire stayed in the attic 

Pure lazyness from me !!

Thanks for the kind words !



3 hours ago, Biggles87 said:

Lovely job CC, thanks for the offer I’ll put a couple of photos on later. I wouldn’t know how to put them together either but I’m sure there will be someone who can. 



Thanks John !!

Look, I asked my kids if it is possible and the answer has been "Haha Easy Peasy, you just do Blaaaahhh Blllah" CC was already lost in this vocabulary....

Then I asked if it's a thing to buy up like Photoshop, They burst in laugh , "Are you crazy there's a lot of program who fare better and for free on the interweb... I felt inadequate....

Kids are stunning today... Example, all the modified pics like @Martian's Sarah Jane painted as a target tow, or the Pink sharkmouthed Poole's police car are done by my kid, in almost 10'

So I think it's possible, post your Mustang please !!



2 hours ago, Wulfman said:

A mean Mustang, great modelling !



Thanks Wulfman

Glad that you enjoyed it !!


Thank for you support and kind words !!



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Kids huh, they think they know everything!

Here's a couple to get you started, one in a similar pose to one of yours.Let me know if you want more.






Rats, I still haven't painted the rudder trim tab black, perhaps the kids can fix that too.



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Well @Biggles87, Nicolas is on the job !!

Sure they can fix it, but in fact, it's not black but dark blue... Blue Sqdn in the Air group !

Let's see what it will give 

Whatever your F-51 is a great one, Congrats my friend !!


4 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

Cracking tribute CC and a lovely model,  also a couple of lovely collections too, great work fella.


Thanks Chris !!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it !!


Now Gents, Here's the Challenge !

If one of you can use Paint or Photoshop better than I did !!

Which is not a great challenge in fact...

The game is to have a pic of the 2 aircrafts side by site with a suitable background !!

The same stand for my F-84F thread and will also stand for my future RNDFF Hurricane (When I finish it !! )

Take care and stay safe !!



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On 11/12/2020 at 11:28 AM, F-32 said:

Very nicely done and a great collection

Hello F-32,

Thanks for the kind words !!

Now having a photoshoped pic of the 2 side by side...


22 hours ago, Sky Keg said:

Wow CC!!!!  Not only have you presented an excellent rendition of Chappie James` Mustang, but the superb collection to go along with it.  I like it!!!!!!! :like:



Thank you Mike,

There are still 5 ponies down the pipe !!

Then, I've heard a batch of F4F scratching at the door of the stash....

Guadalcanal and operation Tungsten for sure....


Biiig THX to you all !!



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Stunning Finnish Alain. My Revell 1/32 is edging closer to the top of the pile. 🤩

The level of ware is just the way I like it. You can be very proud of her. 😇

only 8? More ponies on the bench? 🤪🤣 Great family shots too. Ooooh those Shark mouths. 🦈🦈🦈


Take care dear CC.



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