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Machinen Kreiger Falke V-14

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Here's a scratchbuild that I started in early September. Thanks to being furloughed again, it is now finished & ready for the rivet counters.

The idea was for a lightweight, faster, more nimble ground attack Falke. The basic bits were a 1/24th Chevy Berretta and the booms from

a 1/32nd P-38 Lightning. The spares boxes contributed parts, as did @badger and WNW lozenge decals came from @gcn.

Here's a link to the build thread. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235079743-a-falke-is-born/



I took advantage of the sunshine today! Helmut showed up to show the size of this thing. The scale is 1/20th.



This is a lot lower and sleeker than the original Falke, also the stub wings would add lift & stability. Maybe.



The engine was an aftershave bottle cap and the petals are from an SR-71. Lots of greeblies were added too.

Yelllow painted bits are lift points. Dark green bits are sensors. Brown walkways? why not?



I was bullied into using lozenge camouflage. luckily I used donated WNW decals. I've used it like a wrap. I think it works. 



The 3 tubes (ex Nimrod) in the boom ends would be flare dispensers. The large engine panel would be hinged at the front.



The grey hemispheres are the Anti Gravity units (half table tennis balls). Their exhausts are 1/48th resin B-17 Superchargers.

The two pods in the centre are ex Mosquito wing tanks in use here as sensors. Also seen here, the Port Airbrake.



The original Falke has motorbike bits underneath. At least mine are the right way around so that the cooling fins work!



The raised bit in the centre here was a tank turret top. Various greeblies got added.



Turbo supercharger close up.  Here's the RH airbrake too. Better, I think, than the flappy things on the original Falke.



A back end close up. The central bit is ex Revell Ferarri with added tank panels.



Weapons are two cannon and an encased rocket pod. The round intakes on the booms were 1/24th wheel trims.



The airbrakes were, (brace yourself), false nails! as were the upper bumps near the front of the booms.



And here it is at rest with my Gulf Fake on the display cabinet. My next build will be a kreiger glue bomb refurb.

Many thanks for looking. Your comments and questions about the build are welcome.

Cheers, Pete




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Thanks for the kind comments, Guys. It was, as usual, a fun build.

The end result is pretty much what I thought it would be. Who needs box top pictures?

I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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"Bullied into using Lozenge camouflage"

Well, I like that!

It was a perfectly democratic process where you were pressured into doing what we wanted you to do.

Just wait until you see what we want on your Vampyre!


Oh, btw the Falke turned out very nicely despite that garish lozenge scheme you insisted on using.


I got my copy of the Hasegawa kit out the other day just to drool on and I have decided that your scratch build is better.


Now I'm gonna need to super detail it just to bring it up to code.

Thanks a Lot!





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