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Leopard 1A5 MBT (84501) 1/35 HOBBYBOSS via Creative Models

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Leopard 1A5 MBT (84501)
1/35 HOBBYBOSS via Creative Models



The Leopard project started back in the mid 1950s with the goal of producing a modern tank to replace the M47 and M48 tanks which where then in use by the recently reconstituted Bundesehr (German Army). The specification called for a tank weighing no more than 30 tonnes capable of surviving 20mm rapid fire cannon and having a power-to-weight ratio of 30hp per tonne. The tank had to be capable of surviving on a nuclear/chemical contaminated battlefield. Armament was to be the then standard NATO 105mm gun. For this design Mobility was the primary concern with firepower secondary, and armour being seen as low down the list as it was envisaged there was little possibility of standing up to modern hollow charge weapons.

Three design teams competed for the Tank contract from Porsche, Rheinmetall and Borgward. The Porsche prototype was eventually selected as the winner. Production was set up with Krauss-Maffei in Munich and deliveries began in late 1965. In the 1980s research was done into upgrading the tank. The turrets were upgraded to store more ammunition, a new, and a new fire control system was fitted. Provision was made for bolt on Lexan armour, and the 120mm gun of the Leopard 2 (though this was never fitted) As well as the German Army the Leopard 1 would go on to serve with the Armies of Belgium, Holland, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Australia, Canada, and Turkey. The A5 with Germany, Holland and Chilie. 

The Kit
This kit from HobbyBoss is a re-boxing of the standard Leopard 1 with different parts for the 1A5. The kit looks good on the sprues with lots of detail parts. Moulding is first rate. 




Construction starts lower hull. Various suspension components are fitted, and the ends of the main torsion bar system and its arms are fitted. The wheels can then be built up and attached, followed by the tracks which are individual links. While at first glance thy look good and there is a jig provided in the kit to make short runs of track however it will take some work to get them right; and the end connectors are moulded to the links so will not articulate like the real ones when the runs go round the end sprockets. 






The next step is a surprising one in that it looks like a full power pack is provided. While the engine has many parts and looks quite detailed there is no detailing for the engine bay, and the actual block is missing all of its hoses and connector, though there is nothing stopping the modeller going to town here if they want to do an open engine bay. Then the rear bulkhead is made up. There is virtually no moulded on parts here with a lot of small detail parts making up this bulkhead. The rear mud flaps are fitted to the bulkhead at this point. The bulkhead can then be fitted. Moving to the top main hull the engine deck hatch is added, along with some side parts and the drivers vision blocks, the rear exhausts are then added along with quite a few detailed parts such as tools , mirrors etc.  The lower and upper hulls can now be joined and the rear bulkhead fitted. PE parts for the engine deck are then fitted.  The rear tow cables are then added. Then the track side guards can be added.






Work now moves to the turret which has good casting detail moulded in. The mounting points for the Lexan armour are all moulded to the turret. After the turret is together the large rear mounted turret storage bin is made up and added to the turret, Next up the roof mounted machine gun and its mount can be added. Next up the hatches and aerial mounts are added.  






The gun and its additional armoured mantlet are built up,  The smoke dischargers are added to the turret and its then ready to be mounted to the hull



Decals are provided for 2 German Army tanks, though there is no information on these provided at all in the instructions.  



This is a great looking kit from HobbyBoss and their attention to detail is to be commended. Overall Highly recommended.





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Thanks for this great review. :yes:


I bought this kit a few weeks ago. Making reference to the Meng and Italeri kits this Hobby Boss is about 4 millimeters too long and about 3 too low on the rear of the turret.

I can live with this... :D


But for the people who are thinking to buy this kit, please, pay attention that  the exaust grilles are only offered in the Italian welded type, the German casted version aren't included in the box.

IIRC only the Italian tanks had the welded type, but  decals are included only for German...  🤔





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