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Hurricane HW792, 18 Sq hack Italy in perhaps?

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another random

50558969233_45069068d5_b.jpgHurricane IIC  HW792 AB-NA   1584130849062 by losethekibble, on Flickr


HW796, IIC

Air Britain has North Africa, S.O.C 30.8.45


ebay caption

"Orig. US Foto RAF Flugzeug Hurricane II m. Kennung Flugplatz BARI Italien 1944 | eBay"


I had a search about, possibly a unit hack for 18 Sq. 



"Second World War

The squadron then moved to North Africa with the Blenheim V and took up day bombing duties. During an unescorted raid on Chouigui airfield in December 1942 led by Wing Commander Hugh Malcolm, his aircraft was shot down and he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. During 1943–45, No. 18 Squadron supported the allied advance through Italy before moving to Greece in September 1945, disbanding there on 31 March 1946."


I suggest a unit hack in Italy, as does not appear to be in desert colours, (note dark tone through cockpit) is fitted with LR tanks, does not seem to have cannon, and 'E'  is listed as a code letter for 18 Sq.

The photo caption say 1944, Bari, and a US photo.


Suggestions and additions of interest, again, I'll @tonyot  as maybe of interest to him or he'll know more.



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Hi Troy,


I’m beginning to think that you are going through my Hurricane photo folder - I bought this one as well. This was one of a number

of photos of aircraft belonging to the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces Comm Flight at Bari in early 1944. Most of these units

rarely mention serials in their records so a lot of comms aircraft are unknown hence not being listed in the Air Britain serials books.



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Great photo,...... the codes are interesting,.... possibly a senior officers run about bearing his initials BE,..... on charge with the Med Tactical AF Comms Flt as Simon says above? 

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