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looking for BS 381C info

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Can anybody help me?

I’m researching the history of BS 381C through the various editions and amendments from 1930 through the current edition. I am looking for key information (additions, deletions, obsolescent colours as well as colorimetric values) from the prior editions and amendments. I’m in possession of the 1996 edition, but would appreciate relevant information from prior revisions.

Thanks, Nobby

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Progress is being made, albeit slowly. 

I am looking for help to fill in my knowledge of what changed in BS 381C Amendment no. 4 released on 7 June 1956. The previous amendment was no. 3 in September 1949 when there were 97 colours, and the subsequent change was the release of the 1964 edition with 93 colours. It appears that there were significant additions and deletions between 1949 and 1964.

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