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1/48 Revell Tornado Parts.

At Sea

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I hope the mods approve of this but I know that one of my 1/48 ADV kits is missing part 125.  Thrust reverser bucket.


I contacted Revell for a replacement but they say it's out of production and therefore nothing they can do.  I am too honest to just claim part 125 is missing from another more recent Tornado so it is now a spares kit as I am sure at some point I will need parts and Revell are not great at their parts support.


If anyone needs a missing Revell 1/48 Tornado part to complete a build please PM me and I'll post it.  FOC.





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hmmm their Tornado is defintely not out of production!

they just released the IDS and the GR4!

the ADV might be, but this part should not be different, no? I will check!


ADV available at their shop:



GR.4 (shows as unavailble)





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