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1/48 Tamiya F-117A Nighthawk - Final Verdict

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Here is the Tamiya F-117A Nighthawk. Bought on a whim and about half way through I was wondering why. The orginal idea was to try and tackle an All Black subject (something the Wallabies didn't do last night) :D 


There is a small write up of the build on my blog but for those not interested here are some images 
















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I have never had much interest in this aircraft even as its existence was starting to be known while I was living not too far from the "remote location" in the desert  where it was based.

Probably because I always thought that it would not be easy to replicate the finish realistically .  I believe you have done an awesome job of capturing the tonal variations with this build.

Kudos to you!

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4 hours ago, Farmerboy said:

Brilliant rendition, top quality modelling, good job!

Definitely agree!

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Great job! Really nice work with the paint modulation. You've given the monotone finish some personality. If I ever build one, it'll be the grey bird, just because I like to be different:




I have to admit that a flock of these things does look like an alien invasion...


Silver Stealth - 25th Anniversary of the F-117A Stealth Fighter at Holloman AFB, New Mexico - October 27th, 2006




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